Coming soon: Refined for Jira 3.0

Our next major release Refined for Jira 3.0, formerly Refined for Jira Service Desk, is due to arrive early next year.

The release will bring new support for Jira Software and Jira Core as well as continued support for Jira Service Desk. This new support means many new features and improvements to current features. 

Refined for Jira Service Desk will become Refined for Jira

Refined for Jira 3.0 will  support all Jira platforms including Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk. With this Refined for Jira Service Desk will be renamed Refined for Jira. All the great features you love from Refined for Jira Service Desk will remain. We are simply adding more value and extending the app to more Jira platforms. You will still be able to customize and theme customer portals, organize portals into sites and provide a sound self service. Not only this but you will have the option of customizing and theming Jira projects, and organizing Jira projects into branded, and tailored sites. As a day to day Jira user you will still use Jira as you normally do but with Refined for Jira 3.0 you have the ability to create additional themed sites. These sites pull in Jira data and essentially bring your Jira content to the entire organization by presenting the data in a branded, clean and tailored interface.

Create support, project and issue tracking sites with Jira content

This new release 3.0 will provide the tools to take Jira beyond IT and incorporate your entire organization. Think of Refined as a front door to Jira where users can knock on a branded door and ask for support, report issues, track projects, or track issues. This branded front door pulls in content from Jira Core, Jira Software and/or Jira Service Desk. If you so wish, you can have multiple doors, which are better known as sites. Your Jira projects and customer portals can be organized into relevant sites. Refined sites, refined projects (Jira projects in Refined) and refined customer portals (customer portals in Refined) are all customizable.

A Jira project in Jira looks like this:

Jira project in Jira

A Jira project in Refined looks like this:

Jira project in Refined for Jira

An issue in Jira looks like this:

An issue in Refined looks like this:

Issue in Refined

Introducing Two New Admin Levels and a Standalone Admin UI

To get the most out of Refined for Jira and to help the ‘wearer-of-many-hat; Jira admins we are introducing two new admin levels; Refined admin and Site admin. As a Jira admin you can now assign Refined admins to manage  all things Refined. As a Refined admin you can manage theme configurations, manage theming, manage global layout settings, manage all sites and appoint Site Admins. Site Admins can manage a site and its configuration including layout edits,, and the site content organization.

We are also introducing a new Refined admin UI to make configuration of Refined simpler and less clunky.

Improvements to the Theme Editor

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

We have all heard the classic phrase, but sometimes looks are truly everything. To help you bring Jira content to the whole organization we have improved all theming capabilities. Essentially we have made it easier to create better and more beautiful sites. The improvements include an updated inbuilt theme editor with a better UI, easier theming options and changes in real time. The new theme editor is built in ‘Vue’ making it faster and more responsive.  Ultimately the new theming and styling inclusions should make any Jira or Refined admin capable of creating a great look and feel. 

Watch the Refined for Jira 3.0 webinar

Want the inside scoop on Refined for Jira 3.0? Get the full story on what’s new: Watch our webinar from December 3rd. The Webinar will include demos, use cases and a Q&A. Watch the webinar here: Refined webinar