How Refined Is Focusing on Enterprise Performance

Over the last few years we have been focusing on the Enterprise functionality and performance of Refined.


Refined’s latest app release, Redined for Jira Server/DC 3.0 exemplifies this focus. We are particularly proud of the new feature to give non Jira admins permission to manage the Refined parts of the site. This feature alone opens up many opportunities for large enterprises. In this app release we also added significant performance improvements taking the user experience to a new level.

New Release Refined for Jira 3.0

In the recent app release, Refined 3.0 for Jira Server we added new support for Jira Software and Jira Core projects. You can now create sites connected to Jira for issue tracking, project management and/or ITSM.

 Here is an example of how the app might work: You create an internal issue tracking site themed with your company brand. Internal teams then visit this clean and branded site to report bugs directly to Jira projects without needing to enter the standard Jira UI. This can be achieved without removing any of the popular functionality we currently build on Jira Service Desk. We have simply added functionality for Jira as well as Jira Service Desk. Teams can visit both clean, branded and useful support sites built on Jira Service Desk, as well issue tracking and project management sites built on Jira. As the administrator you can choose which data from Jira or Jira Service Desk you wish to display to the teams visiting that site. Learn more about what was included in latest release of Refined for Jira Server/DC 3.0 here: Learn more

Refined Admin Delegation

With Refined admin delegation the Jira admins can now assign non Jira admins to either administer Refined or just administer single Refined sites. This is particularly helpful for larger enterprises who might be using multiple Refined sites. Refined admin delegation enables you to assign specified administrators/managers of Refined sites. Ultimately, the right permissions can go to the right people to improve the roll out and operation of Refined in larger companies. More on admin delegation here: Learn more

Enterprise Focused Performance

When it comes to performance, our team has been focusing on how to improve the speed of our service across our app and Refined platform. In this latest release of Refined for Jira, we reduced the number of calls to the server to make the running of the server even smoother. In addition to this we added a much more responsive and rapid user interface which will take the user experience to a new level.

Enterprise Focus for Refined Toolkit

Refined recently released a Data Center compatible version of Refined Toolkit. With over 4000 active installations of this app on Server it made sense for us to invest in development of this app for Data Center. Data Center compatibility ensures that our popular set of content formatting Macros are available for our largest enterprise customers. Data Center approval comes with the guarantee that the app has been tested to perform to scale and lives up to a high standard. Data Center approval also means that Data Center customers are eligible for our enhanced Data Center support SLA.

Enterprise Focus Coming Soon to Refined for Confluence Server/DC

Enterprise Focus Coming Soon to Refined for Confluence Server/DC. The Refined product team is working hard on building Admin Delegation and other enterprise features for Refined for Confluence Server and Data Center. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want the latest on the development of Refined: Subscribe here