See the Refined Team Representing at AtlasCamp

Last month Atlassian kicked off the Atlassian Open tour, starting in Vienna, Austria. Back to back they also hosted this years AtlasCamp – Atlassian’s premier developer conference, at the same venue.


Refined has been attending AtlasCamp for 10 years straight, all the way back to AtlasCamp -09 in Half Moon Bay, CA and this year was no exception. Across the two events, all Refined employees got the chance to travel to Vienna for an amazing couple of days.

Refinedies spotted entering the AtlasCamp venue

Refinedies spotted entering the AtlasCamp venue

As a product lead and developer AtlasCamp was the event for me. And what a packed event it was! Over the course of two days I had the opportunity to choose from with 4 different tracks with great talks and an additional 50 breakout sessions. During the event Atlassian communicated their ambitions to build trust with customers, offer greater choice for their cloud customer and and provide a clearer migration path as customers move from server to cloud. There were also a lot of great information about Atlassian’s Data Center solution and all the more relevant for us as vendors – the Data Center Approved Apps program, of which our Data Center apps have been approved.

I don’t know if this was the largest AtlasCamp from Atlassian’s point of view, but for Refined this was our largest AtlasCamp in terms of attendees which was great fun! You could always catch a colleague after a session for a short discussion on what you’d just learned. And the colleagues were easy to spot as well. In a sea of black and grey T-shirts the white Refined shirts stood out like a gospel choir at a metal concert.

The Refined Choir

Sporting 4 tracks you often found yourself with the luxury problem of too many choices from great sessions to attend. I was pleasantly surprised with the great spread of topics being covered during the conference. Not only code-heavy sessions covering development, testing or performance (all of which I think are great!) but also covering important areas such as diversity in teams, accessibility or how to balance your UX language for everyone.

AtlasCamp is always a great source of inspiration and you always come home fueled with ideas and thoughts that you’ve picked up. The event this year definitely gave me a lot to think about. Some key takeaways this year were:

First of all, I’m exited about being able to use the Data Center App Performance Toolkit that Atlassian are providing in order to make it easier for vendors to performance test their apps on enterprise-level instances.

Also hearing about building your apps with color blind users in mind gave some great insight into common mistakes one can make when selecting colors for example.

To the great joy of our Marketing team, Atlassian announced that they’ve now added marketing attribution in their Marketplace API. This means we can tie an evaluation or conversion to the source of traffic to better understand what drives sales.

Finally I also got some great pointer regarding Balancing Personality and Accessibility in UX Copy on how you communicate to users in your product.

As per tradition the team went out for some local cuisine, reflecting on the event and having a good time which is also one of the highlights!

The traditional company dinner

You can browse and watch the sessions from AtlasCamp here: Also make sure to check out the Atlassian summary blog post here:

By Dennis Andersen, Product Lead