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Refined for Jira Cloud

Make Jira content accessible and actionable for every user. Use the Refined site building tools to easily create your own branded sites populated with Jira Service Management and Jira content.

Create custom designs for your sites populated with helpful links, information, resources and selected Jira content. Harness the inbuilt structure to re-organize Jira projects and Jira Service Management portals to group and display only what matters to the team accessing that site. 

Ideal for support service, project management or public issues tracker built on Jira and Jira Service Management. Selected teams engage with Jira and Jira Service Management from your Refined sites, while other teams continue to work with the standard Jira and Jira Service Management. 

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Personalized Sites

Use Refined to build a user friendly, appealing support service site matching your corporate identity.

Refined integrated with Jira Service Management means the great functionality of Jira together with an exceptional customer experience.

Swift Navigation

With Refined you can have a custom domain, custom layouts with quick links and helpful content readily available to customers.

Build as many sites as you need with a theme and layout of your choice. Organize content from integrated Jira projects to the relevant site. No coding needed.

Unlock Jira information

With Refined it’s simple to achieve tickets going to the correct forms, and have customers seeking answers in the right place.

Create service sites, each built with helpful and relevant content to meet the needs of customers accessing that specific site.

Create project sites, where those less familiar to Jira can track and create issues.

An IT Service for all

Refined provides a sound IT service entry point for technical and non-technical customers.

Use Refined to reach the whole organization by hitting the right balance between self-serving content, and service experience.

How it works

Refined is a site-building tool providing the tools to build custom designed sites without needing to code.

Using Refined for Jira app you can create multiple branded sites populated with Jira and Jira Service Management content such as issues, request types, quick links, extended search and many more. If you have Refined for Confluence you can also add Confluence content to your sites.

Choose your own theme, layout, custom domain and navigation setup for each site. Tailor it to your purpose, be it a support service, project management or an issue tracker. 


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