One Tool to Make Confluence Cloud Pages Structured and Engaging

Introducing the all mighty Content Layout Macro. A single tool giving Confluence Cloud admins and page editors the capability of displaying Confluence page content in an organized, visual and engaging way.

RefinedWiki recently introduced the powerful content layout editor as a macro on RefinedSpaces on Confluence Cloud pages. The layout editor has now rolled out to all RefinedWiki theme apps so that more of your content can be given the attention it deserves. It includes the functionality to customize a site, category, space, customer portal and page layout, and display content that matters.

The content layout editor began as a feature shipped with RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud to customize Confluence space content and layout. Admins from the beginning have used the content layout editor to add sections, quick link icons/images, titles and images to Confluence spaces. After releasing onto RefinedSpaces, the core components of the layout editor were carried from Cloud to Server to set the layout and content on RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk Server pages as well as its sister Cloud product RefinedSites for Jira Service Desk Cloud.  The content layout editor was then added to the new major release of RefinedTheme for Confluence Server for site and category homes. We have now stepped things up on RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud and introduced this popular tool as a macro on pages.

How does the Content Layout Macro Work?

Confluence Cloud Page Editors add the Content Layout Macro from the Edit Page view (like any macro), then add the layout and content by clicking the editor pen from the published Confluence page.

In six steps:

  1. edit a Confluence page and add the Content Layout Macro
  2. publish the page
  3. click the content layout edit pen
  4. build your preferred layout by adding content sections and titles
  5. add subsequent content modules to the sections; and,
  6. click save to publish your layout.

Why should I try it on a Confluence Cloud page?

Confluence pages include three essential elements:

  1. Copy/content
  2. Macros
  3. Layout

The Content Layout Macro for Confluence pages combines all three elements in the one tool and does so in a highly visual and engaging way. Below are some ideas on how to use the content layout macro for Confluence Cloud pages (using RefinedSpaces).

Product Documentation Use Case

Epic Music information collation using the Content Layout Macro

Epic Music release notes using the Content Layout Macro

Social Intranet Use Case

Public page

Event or project page

The Content Layout Macro allows you to turn any page in Confluence Cloud into a clean, well organized and easy to navigate page. RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud users will now find the Content Layout Macro in page editor mode. Otherwise you can try it yourself for free from the Atlassian Marketplace.