Refined for Confluence 7.0: Admin Delegation, Faster Load Times, Announcement Banners and More

Major improvements promise to help users and admins collaborate better across teams.

The latest version of Refined for Confluence Server adds a host of new functionality for users and admins alike. Explore the updates below and click here to upgrade.

New Themes

Admin Delegation

Announcement Banners

Portable Layouts

Faster load times, public views and improved UX

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How to upgrade

New themes for a fresh look and feel

Using one of Refined’s default themes? Modernize your site’s look and feel with a host of new options.

Admin Delegation to lighten your load

Now you can dole out admin permissions to trusted users so they can configure Refined for Confluence on their own.

Confluence admins can grant permissions for Refined users according to three levels:

  • Refined Admin: Permission to administer all Refined elements (themes, sites, categories, spaces); Confluence admin permissions not required.
  • Site Admin: Permission to administer Refined at the site level.
  • Category Admin: Permission to administer Refined at the category level.

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Announcement Banners to get the word out

Broadcast key information, statuses, and more with announcement banners at the top of your site.

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Portable Layouts for quicker site builds

No need to spend tedious hours recreating your beautiful layouts and designs. Simply export and import them across sites, instances, and servers. Plus, you’ll save time maintaining your site’s look and feel with consistent layouts.

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  • Faster load times for enterprise-ready performance: Code cleanup and better resource handling make for smoother operation.
  • Public Views to reach more users: Want to reach folks who aren’t logged into Confluence? Make sections of your site visible to anonymous users for signup forms, announcements, helpful links, get started pages, and more.
  • Improved UX for better site-building: Refined’s Layout Editor is updated with a fresh look and feel, plus new capabilities like module cloning, which can shave time off site builds.

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  • North America (ET): 12:00

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How to Upgrade

Existing customers can upgrade by following the step-by-step instructions here.

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