Refined for Jira 3.0 is Here

The wait is over. Refined for Jira 3.0 is out and it is our biggest release to date for this app. 

Version 3.0 builds on the features you have come to love in Refined for Jira Service Desk and raises the bar by introducing support for Jira Software, and Jira Core and a collection of rich new features.

What started as a theme for Jira Service Desk…

Back in April 2017 we launched Refined for Jira Service Desk 1.0. The uptake of this app has been impressive, with an increasing number of IT services using Refined to meet the need to provide excellent customer service. Over the last three years the app has evolved and strengthened no end. It began with the essentials, to be able to theme a service desk and portal, to be able to customize service desk layouts, and achieve powerful search results. The 2.0 release introduced site and category structure. This opened up Jira Service Desk to a number of additional use cases, and made a Service Desk a lot more manageable for enterprise level customers. In 2.1 we blew you away with a new search experience and a bunch of features directly requested by you our customers. Now in the 3.0 release, we are opening up the use cases and flexibility, and making it simple to bring both Jira and Jira Service Desk to the whole organization or beyond. So without further ado, lets walk you through some of the key highlights in this major new release of Refined for Jira.

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Refined now Supports Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk

With Refined for Jira 3.0 we have added support for Jira Core and Jira Software. With this Refined for Jira Service Desk has been renamed Refined for Jira. We kept all the great features and functionality of the previous version, and simply added more value with a ton of new features to open up the use case potential. Some examples of the kind of use cases you can achieve with Refined for Jira include, a public (branded) issue tracker, a project management tool beyond IT, and as before an ITSM solution. Using the inbuilt site organization, you could in fact achieve all three use cases connected to one Jira. 

New Dropdown Navigation Menu

Until now customers visited a Refined service desk with a breadcrumb menu view. In this release we have added an option to choose between a dropdown navigation menu or a breadcrumb menu. For those of you out there with a lot of service desks portals and/or jira projects, navigating to what you need just became a whole lot easier! The dropdown menu includes permissions so that some menu items can be viewable to select users. See an example of how we use the dropdown menu on our demo site

Choose between breadcrumb and dropdown menu.

New Refined Admin Levels

One of the most hotly requested features was to be able to assign admin permissions for only the Refined pages of a service desk. We are very pleased to introduce Refined specific admin levels in this release. We have introduced two levels, Refined Admin level and a Refined Site Admin. Refined Admin’s can manage all things Refined (site structure, permissions in Refined, themes, layouts). Refined Site Admins can manage all Refined things within a specified site. This means that you will have a lot more flexibility when it comes to who can manage your Refined pages. 

Set Refined specific admin levels

Improved Theme Editor, Defined Start Sites, Custom Links and More

We have revamped our ever powerful inbuilt Theme Editor. The new Editor makes it easier to create your beautiful and branded sites (no-coding needed of course). The Theme Editor brings an improved UI, simplification of theming options and fast loading time. We include new capability to configure start sites for defined users and user groups, as well as capability to add custom links to your site menu. The list goes on!

New improved theme editor

Refined for Jira 3.0 makes it simple to bring Jira and Jira Service Desk to every team. It makes it simple to display helpful content on a branded site with a clean layout. It makes it simple to create multiple sites and pages connected to one Jira instance. This release is rich, and we don’t want to keep you too long. Read the full list of new features on our documentation

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