Refined on the Nice Work! Podcast Talking Structure and Design of Jira and Confluence

Genevieve Blanch the Partnership Manager from Refined joins the Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast hosted by Bill Cushard and Service Rocket.

The Nice Work! podcast is an Atlassian ecosystem podcast with regular updates on all things Atlassian and agile. The host is Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing at Service Rocket and a popular personality in the ecosystem. Bill routinely welcomes guests from across the ecosystem onto the show to share their experiences and learnings. Refined’s Partner Manager Genevieve Blanch joined the show in June to talk about the roadmap for Refined and why injecting structure and design into Jira and Confluence is important.

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During the episode Bill and Genevieve touch on Atlassian Summit and then proceed to the new direction for Refined, being a one product company. They talked about the product Refined will release later this year for Jira (Refined for Jira Server) and generally about the impact of having a structured Confluence or Jira Service Desk with clear layouts and access to useful information.


Genevieve also managed to sneak in the first few “breathtaking” minutes of another NiceWork podcast with her rapping skills. On that episode Bill interviews Jaime Capitel from Deiser, another Refined partner based in Spain while at Atlassian Summit. Bill interviewed a range of ecosystem personalities for the podcast during Summit, be sure to check them out.