Refined Reaches a Cloud Milestone

Refined CEO Emil Sjödin celebrates 1,000 customer cloud sites.

A little over a decade ago, my co-founder Jimmy Lundström and I started Refined. Our main product was a theming app for Confluence that also offered some basic structuring and layout capabilities. All of our customers were deployed on-prem—cloud wasn’t even on our radar.

Fast forward to 2022 and we just hit a major milestone: 1,000 active sites built with Refined for Confluence Cloud, Refined for Jira Cloud, or a mix of the two. It comes after years of R&D into our cloud products, a wave of cloud migration thanks to Atlassian’s own push into cloud, and accelerated digital transformation resulting from the pandemic.

The sites we’re powering today are a far cry from those original wiki themes. They’re custom, immersive experiences that give customers the power to organize and share Atlassian content in the way that makes the most sense for their users. All wrapped up in a custom theme, which allows brands to express their visual identity on their Refined sites so they feel familiar to users.

Counting sites

Why are we counting sites and not customers? Because sites tell us about our customers.

One key attribute of our cloud products is that you can use them to build unlimited sites. You can take one Confluence or Jira instance (or both) and spin that into as many sites as you need: an intranet, a documentation site, a developer hub, a project tracker, IT and HR support sites—you name it.

The more sites our customers build, the more they’re tailoring Confluence and Jira to different user groups with unique needs. It means they’re doing more not only with Refined, but with their underlying Atlassian products.

At Refined, we operate lots of sites spun from the same instances. To give you a sense of how sites can be used in different ways, here are three we’re proud of:

Looking ahead

There’s no telling what another decade might hold, but our hope is that in 10 year’s time, we’ll look back at 1,000 sites as the tip of the iceberg, when our customers were just starting to understand just how much they can achieve with Refined and a Confluence and/or Jira cloud instance.

To our customers, cloud or otherwise: Thank you for your continued support as we aim to help you build the best experiences possible for your Atlassian users. We welcome your feedback—good or bad—at

Happy site-building,

CEO, Refined

See more Refined sites in action:

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