Refined take on Vegas for Atlassian Summit 2019

Seven of the team from Refined landed in Vegas for an action packed Atlassian Summit. We cover the highlights of the week.

Atlassian Summit included Atlassian Developer Day, Atlassian Partner Day and the Summit itself. For Refined, the gold sponsorship booth in the expo hall provided a sound opportunity to introduce and showcase for customers our new visual identity and company direction.

Previously known as RefinedWiki, Refined is now the core name of the company and apps. With this change Refined is fully focused on improving company communication and processes with the clean infrastructure the product provides. You will find Refined on the Atlassian Marketplace under the name Refined (go figure!), e.g., Refined for Jira Service Desk, Refined for Confluence. If you’re curious about the rebrand and how it is shaping a new direction for Refined, CEO, Emil Sjödin explains.

New product release, Refined for Jira Cloud (beta)

The new visual identity wasn’t the only exciting new development we brought to Summit. For the first time we presented a new Refined app, Refined for Jira Cloud. Since 2016 we have been working on Refined as a solution on Cloud in addition to Server. In the process we developed core product components usable across Cloud and Server and facilitating a stronger, more focused product offering. The timeline is as follows:

  • 2016. Began building for Cloud.
  • 2016. Developed Core Product Components.
  • 2017. Released Refined for Jira Service Desk Server.
  • 2018. Released Refined for Jira Service Desk Cloud.
  • 2019. Name change to Refined.
  • This month. New integration for Jira Cloud.
  • Later this year…More exciting releases! Watch this space.

The feedback we received on the new Refined for Jira Cloud integration was super motivating with the potential to expand Jira beyond the technical team. We felt those who came to our booth were especially impressed by the search experience in Refined for Jira Service Desk Server and the category menu navigation of Refined for Confluence Server.

What is Refined for Jira Cloud all about?

Refined for Jira Cloud is a customer-facing version of Jira where those who do not need to interact with standard Jira can interact with a clean, branded, easy to navigate interface. The Refined interface gives the admin the power to display select, and relevant content from Jira.  Jira users operate in the standard Jira, and those not working with Jira on a day to day basis, can create issues, track bugs, report issues, track tasks from a clean, branded context.

Refined for Jira uses the same core components of Refined apps, including inbuilt theme editor, layout editor and content modules to simple build up branded, user friendly pages. It is set up such that multiple data sources can be integrated onto the Refined customer-facing site. On our demo site, we included data sources from Jira Service Desk and Jira. Users can create multiple customer facing sites connected to one Jira and one Jira Service Desk Cloud instance. These sites can be customized by adding a custom domain, branding, layout with quick links and helpful content.

Senior Product Manager for Atlassian, Amaresh Ray showcased a selection of apps to power up Jira Service Desk in his session, including Refined for Jira Cloud. You can watch his session here.


The latest release of Refined for Jira Service Desk Server a major hit.

We were hoping for the wow effect when demo-ing Refined for Jira Service Desk Server, and we were not disappointed to say the least. This increasingly popular app raised eyebrows, especially when we showed the search capability, and how knowledge base articles can be rendered within the search.

Klarna, a bank specialising in payment solutions held a session about how they have scaled the company to >60million customers since 2005. For Klarna, Refined gave them a way of scaling Jira Service Desk by adding a “smoooth” user experience, searchability, and context both when searching and navigating Jira Service Desk. You can watch Klarna’s Summit session here.

Our very own Head of Support and Testing at Refined, Maria Heij held a session alongside Head of Support at Spartez, another Atlassian gold vendor. Both former school teachers turned IT support, they shared insight on how to balance automation in Jira Service Desk with human interaction. Their session is available here.

Key Announcements from Atlassian

Atlassian revealed a lot of new improvements and releases. The announcements were heavily around integrations and speed performance! Integrations include an AWS integration and an improved integrations with Ops Genie and Status page. Speed improvements include 30% faster JQL features, 21x faster backlog issue loading time, and 71% faster reindex times. They also announced a mobile app for Jira and the new ownership of Agile Craft which is renamed Jira Align. Atlassian will also introduce Cloud premium for Confluence and Jira Software with premium products offering features such as Confluence analytics, and Jira advanced roadmaps. Read an extensive summary of Atlassian announcements on Atlassians blog.

Atlassian Summit will be back in Las Vegas in March next year.