Take a Peek at Our New, Expanded Office

We designed our new office to facilitate the way we want to work: flexibly and collaboratively.

When our corporate neighbors in Studio Malmö packed up and moved out at the start of the pandemic, we jumped at the chance to knock down a wall and take over their space. 

Doing so gave us more than a larger area to accommodate our rising headcount. It gave us the chance to rethink the core purpose of our office. In the post-pandemic world, we knew hybrid work arrangements would be the norm, and the office would shift from a place to camp out from 9 to 5 to a meeting point with lots of coming and going. (That’s not to say you can’t camp out if you want to; Refined recently rolled out fixed and flex work options.)

With that in mind, we set out to create an office that would accommodate this new style of working, useful to our hybrid and on-site employees alike. Of course, it would still have all the essentials for a good day’s work, such as standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and quiet areas.

Take a look at the final product below. 

Kitchen & lounge

More than just a place to eat lunch, we envisioned the dining area as the hub of the office, fit for Friday breakfasts, all-hands meetings, an impromptu wine tasting, a catered company dinner, or whatever else might warrant a group get-together.

Common areas & collaboration spaces

These are all-purpose spaces designed for easy drop-in working, group meetings and brainstorms, or a Friday afternoon FIFA or Fika break.

Conference rooms

We wanted meeting rooms that inspire creativity, collaboration, and, when you need it, calm.

Private, recharge, and wellness spaces

Sometimes you just need a space to recharge, move your body or grab a solitary break for a few minutes. With that in mind, we added a gym (good for weightlifting, yoga, meditation, etc.), a cozy room with cushioned benches for a private escape, and secluded areas for private focus time or video meetings.

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