Two clicks for a consistent and clean Jira Service Desk layout

Create consistent and clean layouts on your customized Jira Service Desk with the import/export layout feature.

Refined comes with tools that make it simple to build sites, be it a support site built with Jira Service Desk, be it a documentation site built with Confluence. One such inbuilt tool found across the Refined suite is the layout editor. The import/export function is a new feature released in version 2.1 of Refined for Jira Service Desk. Administrators can use this feature to create a neat layout for a help center, site, category or customer portal and re-apply the same layout across the support centre. Another common use for this function might be to create a layout in a test environment and export/import it to production. 

To use this function, open up the inbuilt layout editor, click “versions” and download the most recent version. Use the same sequence to import the desired layout. 

To help get you started with this feature we exported a ready made green themed layout from our demo site that you can preview on our demo site or in the image below. It includes placeholder text to clearly demonstrate how you can build up your page content.

Download and import the layout here

Jira Service Desk Portal Theme Template

If you really love this look, you can also download the simple green theme by clicking this link and uploading the theme to your theme bank.

In case you are wondering if the export/import of layout function is available for Refined for Confluence. The answer is, not yet. But it will be in the 6.2 release of Refined for Confluence (due early next year at this stage).