Using Confluence with Refined to Plan for Atlassian Summit

With the Atlassian Summit around the corner we prepared an event planning site using Refined for Confluence and in particular Sites to showcase how simple it is to create a visual and engaging site.

Confluence need not be limited to one use case. With Refined for Confluence, the potential number of use cases in the one Confluence multiplies. What’s more, you could choose to have your technical documentation, social intranet and event planning within the one Confluence using Refined’s sites, like we show you below.

As the Atlassian Summit is very on-theme (pun intended) our demo company, Reel Studios created an Atlassian Summit Event Collaboration Site in Confluence Server using Refined. This site is connected to an Atlassian Summit Event Services Site in Jira Service Desk using Refined. In this (fake) case study, Reel Studios is in collaboration with Atlassian to plan the Atlassian Summit 2018.

The Confluence Atlassian Summit Collaboration Result

Reel Studios Global Site Home

Atlassian Summit Planning Site Home

A preview to piece the Atlassian Summit planning together

In this preview you will see how the Atlassian Summit Planning Site quick links to the Atlassian Summit Service Desk.

How to build the Confluence Atlassian Summit Planning Site?

Simple! In 5 steps:

1. Add the Atlassian Summit 2018 as a Site in the Site Builder.

2. Create relevant categories to sit in the top navigation menu.

In this case, Guests, Sponsors, Event Services and Planning.

3. Add the relevant spaces to those categories.

The site structure can be mapped in the site builder like you see below. A hot tip is to use permissions to define who can see this site and which categories.


4. Add layout and content modules to the Atlassian Summit Site Home.


5. Add layout and content modules to the Atlassian Summit Category Homes.

Include your quick link to the Atlassian Summit Jira Service Desk.

Hit Save! Done.

Adding sites to your Confluence instance is simple using Refined for Confluence. Why limit yourself to the one use case!

Want to see this live? Come and visit us at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona Sep 3-4th.